Favourite Hair Creation Of The Week #9

I can't tell you how busy I've been since turning 18... My clientele at work is getting so much busier its fabulous!!! and now that I have the freedom to go out drinking, I've catched up with so many people. Hence why I haven't been so focused on here as much. However, I have a lovely post to show you.

I had to do my fourth restyle at College last Tuesday with Suzanne, she had very thin hair that just laid completely flat to her head and she asked me what I could do to give her a lot more body and shape to her hair. I cut off about 2 inches... Here are the before and after photos: 

Suzanne loved her new hair cut and insisted she would have to book in with me again. I couldn't thank her enough! getting models for restyles can be very hard in Level 3 and to think I only have 2 more to go by next June makes me very happy. Thank you Suzanne Armstrong! Josh, xo

P.S Should I post more of my training work?


  1. I think you should definitely post more of your training work :) this cut looks fab xx

  2. Yes I'd love more training posts! It's like a whole different world that I get to peak into! xx

  3. ahh this cut is lovely!! If only I had the guts to cut my hair!



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