7 To Dos This Spring

Spring is my favourite time of the year, I'm not sure if its just the excitement of leading to summer or if its just the latest trending in clothes. I've always made a seasonal to do lists just to make life more organised and exciting. So, Today I have a 7 To Dos that should make you feel ready for spring:

1. Go on a road trip for the weekend.

Now that all of my closest friends are 18, including myself, I think getting away from where we live would be complete bliss'. I've always wanted to go on a road trip even when I was little.

2. Go to the Gym.

Ok, I know I say this a lot! but I think its time to start hitting the gym soon. I'm thinking about getting a PT just so I fully know what I need to do. Exciting...

3. Buy more formal clothes.

I am such a lover of blazers, or anything that looks vintage! I've always looked at Gary Barlow as my role model... he is so handsome!!

4. Bake cakes. 

I need to get back into baking cakes... me and my sister Ami used to always do this when I would stay round hers. It can be so fun!

5. Revise.

So, I'm days away from booking my Driving Theory Test... I've recently just got back into driving and my instructor insisted that this should be done as I'll be ready for my test soon! Eeek! I am so nervous but excited at the same time.

6. Spring clean out.

There is nothing better than buying new clothes for Spring/Summer. So, I think a spring clean out would be a great idea to get you all prepared! At times, I buy clothes that I never wear which are hanged up for no reason... So, why not donate to your local charity shop?

7. Volunteer. 

Before working at Posh, I used to do voluntary work at Style for 2 days a week and go to college for another 3.  I highly recommend this to somebody looking for a job, It can be so rewarding and in return you will feel so good about yourself. So, I want to be a volunteer again! I actually miss it... 

Whats on your to do list this spring?
Josh, xo


  1. This is a lovely post :) and Gary Barlow is such a good looking fella isn't he!! I'd love to volunteer, I'm hoping that when my health issues are resolved I will be able to do a day in a local charity shop. Good luck with your list lovely xx

    1. Thanks sweet. Aw, yeah I wouldn't mind doing that either!! xx

  2. These are great ideas and really achievable. I wish I made lists for seasons, that's such a sweet idea. I think all that would be on mine at the moment is essay, essay, dissertation... BORING. Perhaps I should make one and spice it up a bit :) xx



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