Favourite Hair Creation Of The Week #4

My Favourite Hair Creation for this week has to be when my step mum, Sharon came into the salon the other day for her 2nd appointment. I blogged about when I first done her hair about a month ago... Colour correction #5 and I was so delighted you all liked it! But there was still something I needed to do. So, again I made her feel just that tiny little bit more better... Here are the before and after pictures:

I said to Sharon by the time your next appointment your hair would be a 'wishy washy' colour, due to the ash fading. So, I put a lot more ash into it this time just to neutralise her hair tone. Sharon said to me she would never go back red/copper... I laughed.

Hope all you like it and had a fantastic week!
Josh, xo


  1. her hair looks gorgeous! xx


  2. It looks lush, I miss hairdressing I quit after I got my level2 xx


  3. Her hair looks great :)
    I saw your lovely comment on my blog and I nominated you for the Liebster awards, because one of the nominated girls already did it. So feel free to do it, I'm looking forward to reading your answers :)

  4. This is gorgeous - it looks so natural!! xx

  5. Well done it looks gorgeous! I bet she was so pleased xx

  6. Her hair is gorgeous, you're so talented

    A little bit Unique


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  7. I love these posts! So glad I stumbled over your blog, I never considered looking for a hair dressing one. What a good day :) xx

  8. Wow this is amazingly done. I'm so interested as to how you took it from the copper tones all the way to this beautiful blonde? I have stubborn red/mahogany and want my hair to be back to brown. Have you got at tips? X x



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