Music Monday #1

For this weeks Music Monday, I've chosen The Super Bowl 2013 Halftime Show, featuring Beyonce and Destiny's Child. Clearly they look fabulous! Mrs B can definitely dance. I haven't stopped watching it all weekend! Check it out here:


So amazing!!!! I am so looking forward to their new album!!! Did any of you guys watch their performance? Let me know what you all think! Josh, xo


  1. Love this too!
    Followed your blog, hope you can do the same
    Thanks :-)

  2. Thanks for the follow Josh, followed you back :) xx

  3. Love how different this blog is. :)

    Nice work.

    Your latest follower, Lauren x

  4. Ahh I loved it! It reminded me of how much I loved Destiny's Child when I was younger - can't wait for their new album!
    Thank you for following! :)
    Saadiya x



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