Cheryl Cole My Story

Its taken me ages with the time I have to read Cheryls book... and hands down, its fantastic!!! If I have to rate it out 10 it would be a 9! purely for the reason on how down to earth she has been towards everything. Here are some of my favourite chapters in pictures:

Contents 5 and 11 stood out for me most, in a weird way I thought I could relate to Cheryl in chapter 11. I can remember being in my previous relationship when I actually believed I couldn't love anyone else, also wanting to focus just on my relationship and for the first time I put my career 2nd best. In this Content, Cheryl was so busy with Girls Aloud and Charity Events all she wanted to do is be Ashley's wife, (1 reason why Girls Aloud agreed to have a break). I also really enjoyed reading her Epilogue at the end of the book! I think you really have to read the whole book to understand her speech.

My favourite line from the book has to be this:

A whole year had passed since the divorce, but I had spiralled so deep into the darkness afterwards that it had taken me this long to come up into the light, to see things this clearly. - 'Cheryl, I Know You're Laughing But This Is Really Bad' Page 287.

Its probably the best £7 I have ever spent! I'm now onto my next book Lauren Conrad, 'The Fame Game'.

Josh xo


  1. Hi Josh. Lovely blog. very different.

    I have followed you back :-)

    Lotsvlove x



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